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Personal Injury Compensation Claim Guidelines

Procedural Description of Lodging Compensatory Claim of Personal Injury

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The term "personal injury" entails a great significance among legal terminologies. This legal term connotes any physical injury, disorder or pain or any psychological illness or trauma, which is the result of inefficient environment. As a result of personal injury caused to a person the victim can seek legal remedy by way of lodging a claim for compensation. For the purpose of starting such proceedings it is highly recommended that the person making a claim for personal injury may use the services of solicitors specialized in this field. The solicitors should be authorized and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under a valid registration number, they must have a registered office in the premises of England and Wales and must be duly registered in England and Wales under a valid company number and VAT No.

Specifically in England personal injury comes under the occurrence of damage, suffering, injury or pain due to the negligence of any third party by way of car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, accident at work, slip, trip or fall at work or at public place, forklift truck accident, general construction site accident, ladder accident, manual handling accident. The types of injuries sustained by such accidents are deafness, head injury, back injury, eye injury, wrist injury, neck injury, leg injury, knee injury, medical negligence, beauty treatment gone wrong, animal attack injury, product liability, and sport injury.

Personal Injury Compensation Claim

Types of Personal Injury and Compensation Claim

If any person becomes the victim of personal injury at work or any other type of personal injury, it is his right to claim compensation for his loss (psychological, physiological or financial).
In UK compensation of personal injury can only be claimed if the reason of damage was entirely third party and not the mistake of person himself. There are several different categories in which personal injuries fall in UK some of which are explained below;

Types of Personal Injuries;
  1. Road Traffic Accidents
  2. Accident at Workplace
  3. Medical Negligence
  4. Accidents at Public Place
  5. Accident Abroad
  6. Fatal Injury Accident
  7. Criminal Injuries
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